De_Slap Final

by Egir Helgrimson

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de_slap final (1.01.03)
The official SLAP league map
by Egir Helgrimson aka Robert Olesen
(egir@egir.dk www.egir.dk)

A sub fraction of a major terrorist organisation 
consisting of virus programmers is hiding out in 
a deserted KFK industrial area. The PET has found 
out about this, and this information has reached 
members within the terrorist organisation. 

The terrorist organisation decides to get rid of 
any evidence by blowing up either the big main 
computer residing in a truck in one of the 
buildings at KFK, or the computers that the 
authorities have already locked up. 

Its a dark and stormfull evening... 

Terrorist Objectives
Blow up the mainframe computer by the truck or 
the locked up computers at the end of the hallway. 
Kill anyone standing in your way. 

Counter-Terrorist Objectives
Protect the mainframe computer and the computers 
at your insertion point at all costs. Defuse the 
bomb and eliminate the terrorists. 

Special thanks to the following for betatesting:
Clan Old*Boys
Clan CHS
Clan cccp
Popcorn eating mappers at #csmapping
Random Gamers of Hodsager, Ulfborg, Aalborg and Staby

Special thanks to Tolteka, for letting me stay in his 
appartment while finishing the map.

Textures by:
Egir Helgrimson (http://www.egir.dk)
WRCK (http://www.flannelsauce.com)
UNDULATION (http://www.planetunreal.com/undulation/textures_n.htm)
Valve (http://www.valvesoftware.com)


Stairway to bombsite A.

Just outside terrorist-spawn.


Terrorists end of the sniper alley

The sniper alley


Bombsite A

Silo area.

stairway down to sniperalley.

Bombsite B.

Car outside bombsite B.

Old computer mainframe.

Sniper alley entrance to Bombsite B.

Created September 16, 2004; last updated May 28, 2007 - Copyright www.egir.dk